Rubber boots of the meeting 2022

Rubber boots of the meeting 2022

I recently went on a long walk, up the Sense Trench, with the Blackking Seatrawlers from Vintage Wellies. I was out for about five hours. As mentioned earlier, in the Rubber Boot of the Month, walking with these 3/4 waders is a little more strenuous than with ordinary waders. With every step you feel the shaft hitting the back of your thigh and then the knee bends. This makes walking a little stiffer. Already after the first few hundred metres it becomes clear that this excursion in the Blackking Seatrawler, would be quite hard. But that's exactly what I wanted to experience, what it's like to walk with these boots for a longer period of time. It is as I imagined, the longer you walk the more tiring the walking becomes. After about 5 hours I came back to the starting point, quite exhausted. I have done the same trip several times with English and French waders, and it was much less strenuous in comparison. With the Blackking Seatrawler it was exhausting, but at the same time very exciting.

Now after this trip I have decided that this year the rubber boot of the meeting will be the waders. Waders are a part of the collection of many wellington boot lovers. With their 3/4 or crotch-high shafts, they evoke strong feelings, both in the wearer and the viewer. The feelings for these types of wellies are felt in different ways. Some like to wear them with the upper part of the shafts rolled down. This gives the wearer a more dominant look. Others love to wear them full length. For some, they can't be high enough so that they feel the edge of the shaft in their crotch when walking. Between these two extremes, there is a wide range of motivations that encourage rubber boot lovers to wear waders.

The best known activity for which waders are worn is fishing. There are also other areas where waders are used. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to overlook the fact that waders made of real rubber are disappearing. Well-known and popular brands such as Bullseye, Lincoln and Superga no longer produce them, or they are available in limited editions at horrendous prices. It's good that there are still a few manufacturers who continue to make waders.
Vintage Wellies is one of them. Through the initiative and perseverance of a real rubber boot lover, of older brands and models, a cooperation with a small rubber boot manufacturer in Buenos Aires has come into being, which produces really top quality rubber boots and waders by hand.

I'm telling you now, at my meeting at Lake Gruyère, some rubber boots from Vintage Wellies will be presented for you to look at and try out. Don't miss this opportunity.

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