Where do I prefer to wear my rubber boots?

Where do I prefer to wear my rubber boots?

A simple question in itself. The answer is many. There's not just one place where people like to wear rubber boots. For the majority, the weather also plays a role. When it rains or when the environment is right, you tend to put on rubber boots more easily. Than there are a few guys who only wear rubber boots, regardless of the weather or the environment. Quite a few prefer an agricultural or construction site environment to wear rubber boots. Others love to wear them outdoors, especially on muddy ground. Others prefer to live out their preference for rubber boots within their own four walls. As you can see, the answer to this question will vary from person to person.

I grew up on the farm and helped there until we had to give up farming for unexpected reasons. There, on the farm, you had to wear rubber boots, of course. Paradoxically, I avoided wearing rubber boots often because I believed my parents could see that I was into rubber boots.
I really enjoyed being in rubber boots when I was somewhere to myself. Because the space was too small to accommodate all the animals in the stable on the farm, my father had rented an additional stable in a hut behind the forest, where we kept the cattle. It was my job to get them. There I was able to give space to my gumboots lust. Every opportunity was used to go to the stable over there. I enjoyed every minute that I spent there in rubber boots. That was some of the best years of my rubber boot fetishist being. But there were always phases of despair, i was concerned about my mental health. Back then, I couldn't talk to anyone about my penchant for rubber boots.

Later, after the agriculture was over, I settled in Seeland with my parents. Then I couldn't put on my rubber boots as often. With the money I earned working in a warehouse, I could now buy myself rubber boots. At that time I was particularly taken with the Agraro from Bally and the Ilco Airboots. They were chunky rubber boots. I usually bought them in the largest possible size. I loved walking around the great outdoors in these oversized rubber boots. I often bought two pairs of the same rubber boots so that I could use the second pair to increase the upper part of the first. I spent a lot of time in rubber boots, outside, in the forest, along rivers. These were my favourites places for a long time because at home, with my mother, I could only wear rubber boots to a limited extent in my room. After her death, I also started wearing rubber boots in the apartment. I even went through a phase in which I wore rubber boots during the day and waders to sleep at night. This phase lasted at least 5 months, until the warmer spring days in the following year.
After this experiment, my obsessive need to wear rubber boots subsided. Today I rarely wear rubber boots, but I enjoy it all the more. I love to wear rubber boots when I feel like it. The fetish for rubber boots is still there, but I can deal with it in a much more relaxed manner.

What are your experiences with rubber boots? Where do you love to wear them?

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